Cumanda NOE O. VACA
Awards and Photo's


Authority pinning a 14 K gold medal on my chest.

Signing books to the authorities.

Signing a book to a friend; The award was in presence of about one thousand people that filled the 2 storage auditorium and at the end celebrated a toast of champagne with me. It was a glorious night, a dream come true, I really felt like a superstar.

The House of Ecuadorian Culture awarded the 12th of June of 2008 the rights to translate a classic story by Juan Leon Mera, who was known the Father of the Ecuadorian Literature;  “NABE” awarded Cumandá as the Best Fiction Nobel in September of 2008 in Oregon, USA.

Front page of the local newspaper in Ambato-Ecuador the day after my ceremonial award... I am in the midle of my 4 brothers