Cumanda NOE O. VACA

Noé O. Vaca was born, raised and educated in Ecuador where he became an elementary school teacher at 19, there he also coached the school's soccer and basketball teams, acted for the general public in several plays with other teachers and some school pupils, led a Boy Scout troop and founded an acrobat squad that gave him outstanding recognition. Came to the USA in 1969 where he originally became an amateur actor and did it for a couple of years in NY, then he dedicated himself to retail, is an American Citizen and lives in Columbia, SC since 1975 where he married a German born lady named Edith. Vaca enjoys writing fiction, as well as non-fiction short stories and translating and interpreting English and Spanish

As an Ecuadorian native, Noé O. Vaca, loved Cumandá: The Novel of the Ecuadorian Jungle so much as a child that he decided it needed to be shared with the world. "Throughout my life I wondered why one of the most important novels of the 19th century Latin American literature was never offered to English readers," he said. "Then I thought to myself, 'let me bring to life for English-speaking readers the tale of star-crossed lovers staged in the lush Amazon jungle.' The story is a national treasure of my native Ecuador."