Cumanda NOE O. VACA

Written by JUAN LEON MERA in Ambato-Ecuador the 10th of March of 1877.

Translated to English by NOE O. VACA in Columbia, South Carolina, USA exactly ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY years later. The 10th of March of 2007.

Noé O. Vaca ("Ozzie"), a former Ecuadorian educator but now an American citizen living in South Carolina, is spending his later years writing short stories and translating and interpreting English and Spanish. The House of Ecuadorian Culture awarded Vaca the rights to translate a story by Juán León Mera, who was known as the father of the Ecuadorian literature.

About CUMANDÃ: The Novel of the Ecuadorian Jungle

For the first time, this celebrated and timeless Latin American classic is
being shared with English readers 130 years after the original was written.
It's a tale of star-crossed lovers: Carlos, the son of a Spanish Dominican
Friar, and the beautiful Cumandá, a young woman from the Amazonian tribe.
Opposed by many, the couple bravely defends their unique love for one
another until Cumandá is forced to marry a Jivaro chief in order to spare the
life of Carlos. Widely considered to be one of the most important novels of
19th century Latin American literature. Filled with striking imagery,
unforgettable characters and an electrifying plot.